Miguel Januário

Miguel Januário is a Portuguese visual artist and graphic designer. Through his interventionist art project, ±MaisMenos±, he offers a critical reflection on the model of political, social and economic organisation inherent to contemporary urban societies. The project is also the focus of Januário's ongoing PhD research at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Porto.

Mário Caeiro

Mário Caeiro is a lecturer, cultural programmer, curator and researcher in the field of urban culture and public art. He teaches in ESAD.CR and is member of LIDA – Laboratório de Investigação em Design e Artes. He is the author of Arte da Cidade – História Contemporânea (Art in the City – Contemporary History), published in 2014.

Matthew Mason

Matt Mason is a PhD candidate in Culture Studies at The Lisbon Consortium. His research, which focuses on globalisation, representations of the city in film and literature and the political implications of postmodernism, is informed by an interest in the political and economic history of capitalism and its material manifestation(s) in everyday life.

Reuben Ross

With a background in Film Studies and Visual Anthropology, Reuben Ross has worked as a filmmaker and photographer and is currently a PhD candidate at The Lisbon Consortium. His work explores visual culture and urban change, particularly through visual research methods.

Sofia Pinto

Sofia Pinto has worked as a performer, director, producer, translator, and as a teacher. She is currently a PhD candidate at The Lisbon Consortium, where her main interests are performing arts, urban art practices, resistance and culture, translation and visual culture.

Ana Flora Machado

Ana Flora Machado is a PhD student at The Lisbon Consortium. Having worked for two years in marketing, her main research interests are: identity,
representation, media, visual culture, globalization, remediation, critical theory.

Luísa Sol

Luísa Sol is a PhD student at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon.

Jorge Vieira Rodrigues

Jorge Vieira Rodrigues is a PhD student at The Lisbon Consortium. His current research explores the discourses around the period of the Portuguese authoritarian regime and its representations of objects displayed as “African.”

Christine Muller

Christine Muller is a Luxembourgish master’s student at The Lisbon Consortium. Her interest in arts and cultural diplomacy hav allowed her to make internships in the Luxembourgish Embassy in Italy and in a national museum of history. Her preferred areas of study are political sociology and culture.

Xu Moru

Xu Moru is a Chinese-born, Portuguese-based artist. Her work emerges in the interdisciplinary space of photography, conceptual art, and social practice. She has created a diverse body of artwork that explores urbanity via the medium of photography.